Tropical Storm Nicholas Update

The National Weather Service has issued a Tropical Storm Watch for inland Harris County and a Tropical Storm Warning for coastal Harris County and many other surrounding counties in the Houston metropolitan area, as Tropical Storm Nicholas continues to strengthen and approach the Texas coast. Over the next several days, the Houston metropolitan area may receive significant amounts of rainfall which could result in localized flooding. There also is a risk of wind and other damage from the storm.

The District has activated the Hurricane Preparedness Plan and on standby answering emergency calls all night.

Here are some ways that you can assist and encourage your system to drain as efficiently as possible:

  • Bring in any trash cans, bags or other items that could get caught in rising street water. These items can float and block the inlet preventing or restricting any water from entering the storm drains.
  • If you typically have a car parked in the street, consider pulling it up into your driveway as close to your house as possible, with the engine towards the house.  If unable to pull the car into the driveway, consider asking a neighbor to use any unoccupied space.
  • Be sure to monitor official announcements from Harris County Office of Emergency Management and the National Weather Service for official updates.


April 22, 2024 at 12:00 PM



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